PANTECH Breeze C520 Cell Phone Boosters  Wilson 801247 SIGNALBOOST™ DT

Wilson 801247 SIGNALBOOST™ DT | Discounted prices on all Cell Phone Boosters for the Pantech Breeze C520

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Item Description

PANTECH Breeze C520 Cell Phone Boosters Wilson 801247 SIGNALBOOST™ DT
In-Building Amplifiers for PANTECH Breeze C520
PANTECH Breeze C520 Cell Phone Boosters Wilson 801247 SIGNALBOOST™ DT
SKU: 801247
Retail Price: $321.10
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Our Price: $288.99
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Product Highlights

In-Building Amplifiers for PANTECH Breeze C520

The 801247 is the latest dual band amplifier from Wilson Electronics. The 801247 is Wilson's most consumer friendly amplifier to date. The kit comes as a full repeater kit, with all the necessary cables, antennas, amplifier and power supply. The unit is also dual band, and so will work with all major networks except Nextel.

The 55dB power of the Signalboost DT will provide a wide indoor coverage area suitable for most home office environments. The 5dB antenna that comes with the Wilson SignalBoost DT is directional, allowing it to be pointed toward the signal source for better reception. The Signalboost DT also comes with a 50ft cable to connect the directional antenna to the amplifier. The antenna that rebroadcasts the boosted signal attaches directly to the Signalboost amplifier.

Wireless - No hard connection to your phone.

Dual Band - Works with all cellular networks other than Nextel.

Improves data services e.g. HSDPA, EDGE, EVDO, UMTS etc (more).

Small, sleek design.

No technical experience required for installation.

Kit includes:

- SignalBoost DT dual band amplifier

- 5dB external 5dB antenna

- Wilson 301208 Dual-Band Desktop Antenna

- 50ft RG6 cable

- Easy-to-understand instruction book

- Mounting equipment

- Power supply