Sansa VIEW Miscellaneous  Digicom 8 Outlet Pinnacle Surge Protector

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Sansa VIEW Miscellaneous Digicom 8 Outlet Pinnacle Surge Protector
Miscellaneous for Sansa VIEW
Sansa VIEW Miscellaneous Digicom 8 Outlet Pinnacle Surge Protector
SKU: SP-2520BK
Retail Price: $28.88
Save with Shopcell: 10% OFF
Our Price: $25.99
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Product Highlights

Miscellaneous for Sansa VIEW

$50,000.00 equipment insurance warranty.

This pinnacle surge protector is recommended for computers, stereos, VCR's, TV's, appliances, satellite dish protection and other high tech electrical and electronic products.
Suggested for use with: High performance computers, scanners, modems, CD-ROM drives, external storage devices, security systems and all high performance electronic equipment.

• Surge/spike/fax/modem/coax/DSS protection.
• On-Off rocker switchwith 15 amps fused circuit breaker with reset feature to safely shut-off overload or short circuit occurrence.
• Rugged high-impact plastic housing.
• 6 ft. heavy duty line cord with molded plug.

• Electrical rating: 125V AC, 15 amps *1,875 watts)
• Outputs: 8
• Max surge voltage: 6 KV
• Max surge dissipation: 9 MOV's @ 150 joules each.
• Max spike current: 12000 amps, 25 C.
• Max clamping ratio: 1.2:1
• Clamping voltage: 330 volts.
• Clamping response time: less than 1 nanoseconds.
• temperature range: - 40 C to + 80 C
• Capacitors filter EMI/RFI: Noise and absorb frequent low to medium energy surges.
• Thermal fuse: To ensure surge indicator light function.
• PC board construction: For faster response in absorbing surges.
• Multiple stage metal oxide varistors(MOVS): Provide common and normal mode protection from high energy spikes.
• Switch with intergrated 15 amp circuit breaker.

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